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Mythos Gold Tauernausstellung

myth of gold
Tauern exhibition

 "Gold Myth" is a very special exhibition, as it is the first time that the great treasures of the Hohe Tauern have been brought together in one place. This treasure holds the secrets of the magic of gold in the region and has conveyed the fascination and mysticism for a long time
days gone by. Of course, the legendary black dog will watch over his treasure again.

The largest Carinthian gold nugget, rare free gold specimens from the Hohe Tauern, but also gold in all its fascinating, natural forms from California to Australia are on display. Roman gold bars document gold mining around the birth of Christ. "Gold of Antiquity" shows a foray into 4 millennia of gold use.

Putzenhof Restaurant Aussen

The Putzenhof

The gold exhibition is located in an almost magical place. The Putzenhof is a historic building with a fascinating history. The building was built between 1570 and 1590 by Melchior Putz von Kirchheimegg, the most successful tradesman in gold mining in the southern Tauern. While carefully preserving the character, a restaurant was created in the Putzenhof that combines the mysterious aura of the gold rush days with contemporary cuisine and
combined with traditional hospitality.


Mythos Gold Ausstellung Sage

The legend of

In the Putzenhof there was once a magnificent gold treasure that was guarded by a fearsome black dog. The dog had a golden key in its mouth. Once, a few brave men managed to snatch the key from the dog and carry the treasure away. For many years the treasure was considered lost. But the pot of gold was enchanted. This spell said that the gold would one day return to the Putzenhof. Once this time has come, the treasure should shine in new splendor and captivate people from near and far.

Mythos Gold Ausstellung Schilder


On request, you can experience gold mining up close at the Grasleiten outstation, an original, historic (1446) gold mine in the adjacent Zirknitztal. A 300 m long old access path connects the mine with the circular hiking trail. The gold mine can be reached in about an hour with an easy hike through a fairytale forest of stone pine.

Myth of the Gold Tauern Exhibition

in the cleaning yard


Mitteldorf 9 | 9843 Grosskirchheim


T 0664 24 29 054





Opening hours:
June 20 to October 10, 2023
daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closed on Tuesdays

Groups can also visit the exhibition outside of the opening times by prior arrangement.


€ 6 per adult
€ 4 per child

With the Kärnten Card you have free entry to the gold exhibition.

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